Huggie Beauty Margate

Huggie Beauty Margate is a professional beauty spa that uses the latest technologies and high standards of customer service. It is owned by a mother of three with over a decade of spa experience. The company believes that beauty is a part of everyday life and that everyone should take care of their appearance.


Huggie Beauty Coconut Creek is a professional salon that offers a variety of treatments. It combines advanced technology with high standards of customer service. Its owner, Hagar Vaknin, has over a decade of experience in the industry and believes that modern beauty should be accessible to everyone. The salon is located inside CVS drugstores, which is a popular chain of stores in the area. The store also offers photo services and mini-mart essentials, including health aids and prescriptions.

Laser hair removal

Imagine a life without shaving razors, painful waxing, and ingrown hairs! With the right laser hair removal treatment, you can finally get smooth skin that lasts. Laser hair removal uses pulses of light to destroy hair follicles and prevent them from growing hair again. This is a safe and effective alternative to traditional methods of hair removal, which can be painful and leave rashes on the skin.

A qualified beauty technician will perform the procedure, which may require 6-12 sessions for results that stick. It’s a one-time cost, but it will save you the money you would spend on razors and waxing appointments over a lifetime. You may need to visit the salon for a touch-up every now and then.

One of the best ways to remove unwanted hair is with a long-pulsed Nd: Yag laser device. This type of laser is used for all skin types, from light to dark. It also has a low absorption rate, which means it can treat dark areas without burning them.

The only downside to laser hair removal is that the skin can be sensitive for a few days after treatment. This is normal, and it should subside within a few days. Some people report that it feels similar to a minor sunburn. An ice pack can help relieve the sensation.